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Technology and divorce it ain’t pretty

With the spectacular breach of the adultery site Ashley Madison, millions of men and women throughout the United States can forget about the furtive liaisons they thought would remain private. Now, we have frantic phone calls to lawyers, arguments, and governmental investigations, but the question remains whether or not we will see an increased flurry of activity of spouses heading to divorce court.

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Donald Sterling and Rochelle may divorce after 50 years

As the NBA and the Los Angeles Clippers battle it out to decide whether Donald Sterling or his family can maintain ownership of the team there’s new information that if Donald Sterling and his wife Rochelle decide to file for divorce the move could stall the sale of the team. In fact, a divorce could put the ownership of the team under the jurisdiction of a California family court who would then determine how the couple’s property should be divided under California’s community property laws.

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Sherri Shepherd and husband battle it out for baby

TMZ reported last Friday that comedian and “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd is separating from her second husband, Lamar Sally. The pair married in August 2011. According to reports, Lamar Sally is now suing the day-time talk show host for “fraud and is seeking legal and physical custody of their unborn child, granting her only visitation rights.” He also wants their prenuptial agreement invalidated.

English: NEW YORK (May 27, 2010) Sherri Shepha...

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Marriage is good for your health

Researchers have known for years that marriage is good for your health. Recently more than 13,000 cardiovascular experts met in Washington to discuss their findings. One of the new studies presented by one research team found that those who were married “had less heart disease and healthier blood vessels throughout the body than people who were single, divorced or widowed.” The new study screened 3.5 million adults for cardiovascular problems.


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Russell Wilson and his wife Ashton to divorce

The Associated Press (AP) has announced that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife Ashton are getting a divorce. According to a statement made by Russell Wilson on Wednesday, he admits this decision has not been made lightly, has not been easy and is hoping that his fans will allow him privacy during this difficult time. He is also requesting prayers. Russell Wilson does not plan to comment further on his marriage or the impending divorce.

QB Russell Wilson in the Pocket

QB Russell Wilson in the Pocket (Photo credit: Neal D)

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