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Divorce do I have to leave the marital home?

Recently I found out my wife is having an affair. She told me she wants to get a divorce. She plans on marrying the guy. We have two young children together. She also wants me to leave our home. I am wondering why I should leave the home if she’s the one who cheated on me and wants a divorce. I want her to end the affair and try to reconcile the marriage. I am wondering whether I am legally required to leave the home just because she says that’s what she wants. What are my rights?”

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Uncontested divorce in Texas what are the steps?

Recently on our divorce forum a user asked, “I was married to a man for two years. He cheated on me numerous times. I have attempted reconciliation, but he has said he will not go to counseling and is ready to abandon our marriage. Since we both think divorce is the only option and we are willing to agree on most issues, what is the best way to get divorced and how long will it take in the State of Texas?”

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Gray divorce is on the rise in America

Recently on our divorce forum a user asked, “I have been married to my spouse for thirty-five years. He just came home the other day and told me he has been having an affair and wants a divorce. I am shocked, but more importantly, I want to make sure I understand what this could mean for me and my financial status as I age.”

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Domestic Abuse how does it affect spousal support?

The topic of domestic abuse has been front and center in the media reports over the last several weeks with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s wife, appearing in court on May 27 with a bruised cheek and asking for a temporary restraining order against Johnny Depp.

Despite rumors of domestic violence, however, Depp has been spotted out and about with onlookers describing his appearance as “at ease” and “fine.” He even reportedly stayed out until the wee hours of the morning at a bar last week “chatting” with a woman.

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DUI arrest how does this impact my child custody case?

Recently on our DUI forum a user asked, “I am in the middle of a contentious child custody battle. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I got drunk after a late night party and I was arrested for DUI. How will this DUI arrest affect my custody case?”

Unfortunately, not only is child custody very complicated, getting arrested for DUI can negatively affect your rights, including your rights to fight for joint custody or visitation. With this in mind, it’s always important to hire a good family law attorney and DUI lawyer who can help you fight your case.

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Divorce mediation what do I need to discuss?

Divorce does not have to be a long, drawn-out, conflict riddled process. New non-confrontational options, such as mediation, are more popular than ever. Mediation is not only less expensive than a court battle, but it is also confidential, gives you and your spouse control of the process, can improve communication, and allows you to retain legal counsel if you wish.

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Divorcing dad what are their rights?

Did you know that men lose custody of their children a majority of the time following a divorce? No-fault divorce, which was initially hailed as a great tool to allow for easy divorce, has become a disaster for men who may be blindsided when their wives decide to leave. And what may be most devastating for men is that while the woman’s concerns may be honored and protected, the pain of a divorcing dad may be trivialized or ignored.

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