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Establishing paternity so child will get SSDI auxiliary benefits?

Recently on a legal forum a user asked, “I recently found out a girlfriend I had dated a few years back had a child. I am not sure I am the child’s father, but if I am I would like to make sure I do right by him. I have recently started receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). I am wondering what I need to do to ensure my child receives whatever part of my benefits he is due.”

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Can I modify my child support order?

Recently on our legal forum a user asked, “I have three small children. At the time my divorce I had a high paying job. I have been out of work for three months. Even if I get a new job I will probably make less money. There is no way I can pay what I used to pay in child support. I love my kids, but I have to be realistic about my options. Can I go back to court and renegotiate my child support order?”

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No child support why do I have to let the father see our child?

Recently on our forum a user asked, “My ex refuses to pay child support. He has a great job, although most of the wages he earns are paid in cash and cannot be tracked. My question is this: Why do I have to let him see a child that he refuses to support?”

It’s one of the great mysteries of child support enforcement. In fact, it seems logical that withholding visitations rights may be the best leverage the state has to enforce child support payment. Unfortunate (for those not receiving child support payments), the state views the right of a parent to participate in their child’s life as a separate legal issue from whether or not they are current on their child support payments.

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Child support be garnished for my student loan?

Wage garnishments are orders issued by the court which allow your employer to withhold a certain amount of your wage to repay unpaid debt obligations. Recently on our divorce forum a user asked, “If I am a single mother of two and I am only receiving child support payments can this money be garnished to repay student loan debt which I have been unable to repay or is it protected? I am concerned because this is the only money I receive to take care of my children.”

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Child support back-pay owed in Texas. What are my options?

Child support is critical to the support and well-being of a child. Most parents want to pay child support, but often a job loss or severe health condition has made it impossible for them to make child support payments.

Recently on our divorce forum a user asked, “I love my child very much and have wanted to pay child support. Unfortunately, I was involved in an accident and have been unable to work for several years. I have recently gotten a job, however, and I would like to make sure I pay all back support payments I owe. What steps can I take to pay my child support?”

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Child support non-payment does father have to see child?

Child support is critical to the health and financial welfare of children. Recently on our divorce forum a user asked, “If the father of my child refuses to pay child support do I have to let them see our child? He has not paid in two years, and I am not sure what else to do to get his attention.”

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