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Child Support Negotiation: 12 Things To Consider

Making sure that your children are taken care of is a priority to most parents. There are many things that you need to consider when you negotiate child support payments during your divorce.

Here is a checklist of 12 issues that you should think about when negotiating child support:

  1. Income potential of each parent

  2. Physical custody arrangements

  3. Professional psychological counseling that may be necessary

  4. Any special needs of your children

  5. Extra-curricular activities and fees

  6. Other support obligations to a former household, including alimony

  7. A parent's extraordinary needs, such as medical expenses

  8. The intentional reduction, suppression or hiding of income of the other parent

  9. Travel expenses required for custodial time with one parent

  10. Other support given, such as alimony, lump sum payments or medical payments

  11. How the child support payments will be secured, including a requirement of life or disability insurance

  12. Employee benefits, medical saving plans, cost and quality of dental, medical and/or life insurance

Divorce is not an easy process. It can be financially and emotionally draining. If children are involved, the emotional toll can be that much higher for both the parents and the child. Having a good divorce attorney to negotiate the settlement and child support arrangements can help protect the interest of you and your children.