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Getting divorced in Oklahoma City

Extension service runs Co-Parenting Course


As discussed in "Divorce in Oklahoma," divorce ("dissolution of marriage") can be emotionally traumatic. When planning the end of a marriage, both parties would be wise to consider budgeting time and money for professional counseling. A compatible, trained divorce attorney can help with referrals.

Also, experts and legal authorities remind us that if the family equation includes domestic violence, the violence should be addressed immediately.

Jointly run program from city, YWCA

In Oklahoma City, the Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Program (DVVAP) "is a cooperative effort through the City of Oklahoma and the YWCA, providing support and assistance to victims of domestic violence. On site assistance at the Oklahoma City Police Headquarters aids victims in filing Victim Protection Orders (VPOs) and/or exploring other options. The DVVAP director accompanies victims to court when appropriate.  For more information on the DVVAP Program, please contact Barbara Mason."

The District Attorneys of Oklahoma also offer Web-based help for anyone troubled by domestic violence.

The Oklahoma County Court has a Family Domestic Department, which maintains a bare-bones Web page, with information about filing for an uncontested divorce such as the following:


Paternity $128.00 Fee, $133.00 Fee With Summons, plus service
Foreign Judgment $128.00
Divorce with minor children $186.00, $191.00 with summons, plus service
Divorce without minor children $186.00, $191.00 with summons, plus service

Court Rule 27

No divorce, separate maintenance or annulment case shall be heard unless the petition has been on file for at least ten (10) days in cases where no child is involved. The waiver must have been signed and acknowledged and filed at least one (1) day after filing of petition.

Court Appearance Instructions for Waiver and Consent Divorce

After the statutory time has elapsed, go to the Court Clerk's Office, Room 409, on the day you want the judge to sign the divorce decree. Be here between 12:15 and 12:45 P.M. to request your file be sent over to the judge's chambers. All waiver and consent divorces will be heard Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 1:30 P.M. The judge's clerk will call your case in court.

***For more information contact the Domestic Department at 405-713-1737***

Contested divorce, with children

According to an Oklahoma State University Web page, "Oklahoma County judges are ordering some parents to attend Extension's Co-Parenting Through Divorce workshop before their divorce will be granted. The workshop costs $20, and sessions are offered monthly at the Oklahoma County Cooperative Extension Center, 930 N. Portland in Oklahoma City.  Call 713-1125 for registration.  The registration form is listed at the bottom of this page."

Hiring an attorney

Although it is possible to get divorced without benefit of an attorney, many experts advise that at least the Petitioner (the one who files the lawsuit) in an uncontested action should hire an attorney to ensure the paperwork is legal and the decree enforceable. Of course, in a complicated, contested divorce--usually involving children, significant assets, or both--each party should hire a competent, trained attorney.

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